Board of Supervisors Meeting, Monday April 27, 2020

APRIL 27, 2020

Notice is hereby provided that the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Upper Saucon will conduct its April 27, 2020, public meeting by telecommunications device. The meeting will commence at 6:30 p.m.

As the Township Building remains closed to the public due to the Governor’s Proclamation of Disaster Emergency, dated March 6, 2020, and subsequent “Stay at Home” Order, dated March 23, 2020, as amended, participation in the meeting by the Supervisors, Township Staff and members of the public will be by telecommunications device.

Directions for access by the public are as follows:

Telecommunications Device: GoToWebinar
1. In order to participate in the Board of Supervisors meeting, you must pre-register, as follows:

a. To participate by computer or mobile device. Click here to register. Registration is no longer available because this meeting has passed already occurred. Click here to view the meeting.  

b. To participate by telephone (without a computer). Participants may register by calling the Township Administration at (610) 282-1171, ext. 1222 by noon, April 27, 2020. There is no guarantee that late registrations will be accepted.

2. If you register by computer or mobile device, you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the meeting. If you register by phone, you will receive instructions at the time of registration. Follow all instructions for joining and participating in the meeting.

3. When the meeting begins, the Supervisors will follow the agenda, and there will be a time for the public to participate as indicated on the agenda (i.e., during “Public Comment” at the beginning of the meeting and “Courtesy of the Floor” at the end of the meeting). Township staff will provide verbal instructions for public participation at the beginning of both public comment portions of the meeting.
The meeting agenda and this Public Notice are available for review on the Township website at

Questions concerning this Notice may be addressed to the Township administration, by email at or by telephone at (610) 282-1171, ext. 1222.

Please note that the procedure described above shall apply to all, subsequent public meetings of the Board of Supervisors pending the duration of this Emergency.