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Gifting Program

A path in the Township Park has been designated for the donation of flowering trees. Trees given to memorialize family and friends may be personalized with dedication markers. Approved species, including cherry, crabapple, serviceberry, kousa dogwoods and flowering pear trees will line this walkway, with reflection benches nearby.

Donations of park benches, water fountains, play and recreation equipment, trail markers and other permanent structures are graciously accepted from residents, businesses and community organizations. Monetary contributions to future projects, such as pavilions, hard surface playing courts and children’s play areas are also accepted.

Service and youth organizations are encouraged to develop proposals for their participation in the maintenance and development of beautification projects for the park.

For more information on how you, your business or organization can contribute to the park, please contact the Township Administration Office at 610-282-1171 Ext. 1222.

UST Memorial Bench and Tree Program