Office of Emergency Management

Upper Saucon Township is committed to protecting the life and property of its citizens and those associated with the community.  Established by the Board of Supervisors in accordance with Pennsylvania Title 35 – Health and Safety, the Office of Emergency Management is responsible for maintaining the Emergency Operations Plan and the Emergency Operations Center, as well as providing individual and organizational training for emergency management. 

The Office also maintains Upper Saucon Township’s Continuity of Operations Plan.  The purpose of this plan is to ensure that the Upper Saucon Township Municipal Government can continue providing essential services to the community in the event of an emergency that specifically affects its own facilities, equipment and/or personnel.


Upper Saucon Township understands the importance of including the whole community in emergency prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery efforts.  Accordingly, the Office of Emergency Management provides the following services to the greater community:

  • Radio communications interoperability among the public safety agencies, and between certain public and private sector organizations
  • Maintenance and testing of the emergency notification systems
  • Support of public and private sector emergency planning, training and exercising efforts
  • Integration of other organizations’ (both public and private) emergency operations plans into the Upper Saucon Township Emergency Operations Plan

For Businesses, Schools, Day Cares, Camps, Medical Facilities and Care Homes

State and/or federal law requires certain organizations to develop and maintain emergency operations or similar plans, in order to obtain licensing, certification, funding or continued eligibility for grants.  Upper Saucon Township highly recommends that all of the above organizations create and maintain emergency operations plans in consultation with the Emergency Management Coordinator.  

For these organizations, the Emergency Management Coordinator requests:

  • A copy of the plan and subsequent updates*
  • A copy of any agreements, procedures or guidelines referenced in the plan*
  • An invitation to emergency management planning meetings, training courses and exercises

Through the Office of Emergency Management, these organizations may request:

  • To host Upper Saucon Township’s emergency services for exercises, specifically involving their plans, facilities and personnel
  • To host community outreach and preparedness events, such as emergency services demonstrations and expos
  • To host training courses provided by the government, such as the National Incident Management System (NIMS), Incident Command System (ICS) and related courses

*Please note that the Office of Emergency Management only maintains plans and agreements that directly relate to the public safety function of the Upper Saucon Township Municipal Government and will not write or otherwise maintain the plans and agreements of external organizations.  Copies of these plans and agreements are only requested for situational awareness and interoperability purposes. Furthermore, the Office will not review or provide advice on the content of those plans and agreements, except:

  • In areas where they reference, incorporate or require emergency services provided by or requested through one or more of Upper Saucon Township’s emergency services
  • When facilitating cooperation between two or more internal or external organizations

For Private Citizens

While Upper Saucon Township is committed to protecting the lives and property of private citizens, some emergency situations may delay or otherwise impact the government’s ability to respond. 

For this reason, families and private citizens should subscribe to emergency notification systems, create emergency plans and preparedness kits. 

For tips and details, visit


Dane V. Carroll
Emergency Management Coordinator
(610) 282-3064
Patrick M. Leonard
Deputy Coordinator
(610) 282-1171

Contact Information

Dial 911 for Emergencies

Office of Emergency Management
5500 Camp Meeting Road
Center Valley, PA 18034

Non-Emergency: (610) 282-3064
Fax: (610) 282-0345


The Office of Emergency Management shall protect the life and property of all Upper Saucon Township citizens and those who work or travel within its borders through progressive, professional and dedicated prevention, protection, mitigation, response to and recovery from all emergency hazards.


The Office of Emergency Management shall continuously improve Upper Saucon Township’s ability to protect life and property from all-hazards by coordinating the various emergency service agencies, public and private sector partners, and the citizens at large through effective communication, judicious planning and regular training.