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Upper Saucon Township Community ParkUpper Saucon Township Community Park

Park Map

The Upper Saucon Township Community Park is located at 3231 Preston Lane, Center Valley PA 18034; approximately ½ mile east of Route 378. Dedicated on May 18, 1996, the park was designed to meet the current and future recreational needs of the Township’s residents. The park covers approximately 50 acres and is conveniently located in the central portion of the Township.

The following recreation facilities are available at the park:

  • A tot lot with multiple play stations.
  • 3 full-size soccer fields and 2 short-sided soccer fields.
  • Parking facilities to accommodate over 200 vehicles.
  • Two baseball fields-one with 90-foot base paths and one with 60-foot base paths.
  • 3 all-purpose fields.
  • Nearly 2 miles of walking/jogging trails.
  • 2 basketball courts.
  • A large picnic pavilion sufficient to accommodate 100 people.
  • Restroom facilities (Please DO NOT flush any wipes in the toilets)

Hopewell Park

Park Map

Hopewell Park is located at 4695 West Hopewell Road, Center Valley Pa 1803,  adjacent to the Southern Lehigh Hopewell Elementary School. The park is open to the public from sunrise to sunset daily. D

The following recreation facilities are available at the park:

  • 1 full-size lacrosse field
  • 1 full-size soccer field
  • 2 full sized soccer fields (located on School District Property)
  • 1 softball field with a 35′ distance pitching rubber as well as 60′ and 65′ base anchors
  • 2 basketball courts.
  • 3 pickleball courts
  • 2 sand volleyball courts
  • Over 1 mile of walking/jogging trails.
  • A large picnic pavilion is being constructed during the summer of 2021
  • Restroom facilities (Please DO NOT flush any wipes in the toilets)
  • Parking facilities to accommodate over 200 vehicles.
  • Future amenities will include tot-lots and an amphitheater 


Youth Sports

There are several independent volunteer sports organizations that offer team athletic sports to the youth of Upper Saucon Township. Each association has its own Officers, Board of Directors, By-laws and Rules and Regulations. While these programs are not operated by Upper Saucon Township, they are able to use the park playing fields and facilities. If you have questions about any of the programs, please check with the organization sponsoring the program. 


Field Rentals

Field rentals for Sports or Youth Activity Camps are only permitted when sponsored, organized and offered through a Southern Lehigh Community Program.  Camps of this type must also rent the pavilion (based on the prevailing fee schedule) unless the camp is held exclusively on the south side of the Community Park. Refer to Resolution No. 2010-37


Southern Lehigh Living Memorial Park: Upper Saucon Township does not own or operate the Southern Lehigh Living Memorial Park on PA 309 in Coopersburg. If you are looking for information about the Lehigh Living Memorial Park, please look here.

Park and Trail Etiquette

Share the Trail Rule #1 – Use Safe Speeds:

Share the Trail Rule #2 – Keep Right, Pass Left:

Share the Trail Rule #3 – Standing Still? Stand Aside:

Share the Trail Rule #4 – Mind Your Pets:

Share the Trail Rule #5 – Be Alert:

Share the Trail Rule #6 – Know and Follow the Rules:


Positions Are Now Available on a Number of Township Boards & Commissions.

If you are interested in becoming an active participant in your community, why not volunteer to serve on one of the Township’s many boards, commissions, councils, and authorities?

Upper Saucon Township is grateful to accept any time and talents you wish to donate. If you have a project in mind, please fill out a volunteer application and contact the Township Office for more information. To obtain an application to volunteer or to learn more about the opportunities available call 610-282-1171 ext 1222.

Please click here for an application

Park Maps

Upper Saucon Township Park Map

Saucon Rail Trail Map (full)

Saucon Rail Trail Map (printable size, black & white)

Pavilion Rental Information

The David M. Petzold Memorial Pavilion at the Upper Saucon Township Community Park is the perfect place to hold a family reunion, company picnic or birthday party.