Comcast/Xfinity Expansion in Upper Saucon

Contractors for Comcast/Xfinity will be installing underground cabling throughout the Township over the next several months. Work is permitted to be done in the Right of Way along Township roadways. As part of the project, Comcast is required by law to place PA One Calls (811) to have all existing underground utilities marked. As the facility owners (Verizon, PPL, RCN, UGI, etc.) respond they will place small colored flags or spray paint the ground to mark where their utilities are located.  In some cases the underground utilities will be marked from the street to the location where they enter your home. This is to identify all underground utility locations and does not mean that Comcast is trenching to your house. 

Comcast has assigned construction specialists who are “on the ground” to help with questions, concerns and complaints:

Senior Specialist, Alisa Crozier – +1 (267) 907-5572