Blasting work on the former Locust Valley Golf Course

A few residents have notice vibrations in and around the former Locust Valley Golf Course. The vibrations are related to rock blasting at the Traditions of America (TOA) site on the former Locust Valley Golf Course. TOA has secured the services of Rock Work, Inc. to blast rock on the site that will facilitate the construction of the residential development.

Upper Saucon Township has no authority over blasting and no role in this state regulated process. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible for regulating the storage, handling and use of explosives in the Commonwealth. This includes blasting at coal mines, quarries, construction sites and demolition blasting. Rock Work, Inc. has an approved Blasting Permit from PA DEP and they are carefully measuring vibrations from each of their blasting activities via seismograph to demonstrate compliance with the terms of their state Blasting Permit.

Concerned persons are welcome to contact the PA Bureau of Mining & Reclamation regional office in Pottsville at 570-621-3118 to file a complaint or learn more about the state regulations for this type of blasting activity

For more information on Blasting, please see the Citizens Guide to Explosives Regulation in Pennsylvania