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Top 10 Things NOT to Flush

  • Medications – prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins, illegal drugs, patches, and hypodermic needles
  • Cloth – cleaning rags, nylon stockings, underwear, shop towels, mop heads, dental floss
  • Feminine Products – sanitary pads, tampons, applicators
  • Plastic – plastic bags, plastic cotton swabs, disposable lighters, hotel shampoo bottles
  • Chemicals – cleaning products, herbicides, insecticides, solvents
  • Grease – auto, industrial
  • Wipes – baby wipes, “disposable/flushable” wipes, personal hygiene wipes, cleaning wipes
  • Cooking Oil/Grease – fats, oils, cooking grease – used or unused
  • Condoms – condoms and condom wrappers
  • Diapers – paper or cloth, no matter how dirty