DUI Task Force

The Lehigh County Regional DUI Task Force is a multi-jurisdictional cooperative law enforcement effort to implement sustained DUI enforcement activities.  The Task Force is funded by a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation grant which is administered by the South Whitehall Police Department.

The Task Force participates in a statewide initiative to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on highways caused by intoxicated and chemically impaired drivers.  The Task Force conducts sobriety checkpoints and roving patrols on area roadways known to experience a high level of alcohol-related accidents and/or arrests.  The Task Force also conducts mobile Awareness Patrols to gather traffic flow data and gain public exposure.  The Task Force participates in numerous community events to help educate the public about the danger of driving under the influence of alcohol and controlled substances and the impact it has on everyone involved.

The Task Force is comprised of 14 Lehigh County police departments and works closely with the Allentown Police Department and the Pennsylvania State police in joint task force efforts.  We have made contact with thousand of motorists and have apprehended hundreds of impaired drivers over nearly two decades of dedicated and uninterrupted service.  Our goal is to reduce impaired driving by increasing public awareness of the problems associated with impaired driving and to increase public perception of the fear of apprehension of driving while impaired.