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Boards, Departments and Officials

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We have recently upgraded our phone system. All 3-digit direct extensions now have a "1" preceding them.


Township Boards and Commissions

Township Departments

Township Staff

Township Manager, Thomas F. Beil: 610-282-1171 ext. 1222
Assistant Township Manager, Robert E. Kassel, Jr.: 610-282-1171 ext. 1222
Special Projects Coordinator, Joseph Geib: 610-282-1171 ext. 1222

Community Development
Director of Community Development, Patricia Lang: 610-282-1171 ext. 1237
Building Code Official/Plans Examiner/Building Inspector, Keycodes Inspection Agency: 610-866-9663
Sewage Enforcement Officer, Jeffrey Huff, Hanover Engineering Associates: 610-691-5644
Zoning Officer/Codes Enforcement, Trent J. Sear: 610-282-1171 ext. 1254
Community Development Clerk, Lyne Miller 610-282-1171 ext. 1228

Director of Finance, Thomas Young 610-282-1171 ext. 1223
Accounts Payable/Payroll Clerk, Daphne Gombosi 610-282-1171 ext. 1230
Utility Billing/Accounts Receivable, Cindy Young 610-282-1171 ext. 1229

Chief of Police, Robert E. Coyle: 610-282-3064

Roads and Properties
Director of Roads and Properties, Donald H. Eck, Jr.: 610-282-1171 ext. 1240
Asst. Director of Roads and Properties, Daniel Guerrero: 610-282-1171 ext. 1251

Sewer and Water
Director of Water and Sewer Resources, Chris Cope: 610-694-8680
Asst. Director of Water and Sewer Resources, John Guignet

Fire Department
Fire Chief, Charles Castetter: 610-791-0266

Ambulance Corps
Captain, James Attrill: 610-282-1565

Tax Collector
Tax Collector, Deborah Herstine: 610-797-2282
Click here to view the Tax Collector's Hours

Appointed Professionals
Township Solicitor, Dimmich, Dinkelacker & Anewalt, P.C.: 610- 398-1800
General Service Engineer, Hanover Engineering Associates: 610-691-5644
Water Engineer, Hanover Engineering Associates: 610-691-5644
Sewer Engineer, Schreiter Engineering: 610-873-0520
Geotechnical and Wetlands Consultant - Leidos Engineering: 717-901-8100
Municipal Authority and Sewage Treatment Authority Solicitor Gary A. Brienza, Esq.: 610-759-1530

Township Boards and Commissions

Board of Supervisors
Upper Saucon Township is governed by a five member Board of Supervisors elected at large for staggered six year terms. The Board is responsible for setting policy, enacting local ordinances, adopting budgets and levying taxes. If you wish to provide direct feedback, you may email the Board of Supervisors.

The following individuals currently serve on the Board of Supervisors:

  • Stephen Wagner, Chairman (R). Term ends January, 2022.
  • Patrick Leonard, Vice Chairman (R). Term ends January, 2018.
  • Dennis Benner (R). Term ends January, 2018.
  • Philip Spaeth (R). Term ends January, 2020.
  • Brian Farrell (R). Term ends January 2022.

The following is the Upper Saucon Township Board of Supervisors Committee assignments for 2016:

Planning & Zoning - Stephen Wagner, Chair | Patrick Leonard

Public Works & Transportation - Patrick Leonard, Chair | Dennis Benner

Administration & Finance - Philip Spaeth, Chair | Dennis Benner

Emergency Services - Dennis Benner, Chair | Brian Farrell

Parks, Recreation, and Open Space - Brian Farrell, Chair | Philip Spaeth

Appointments Review - Stephen Wagner, Chair | Patrick Leonard

Committee meetings will be scheduled on an as-needed basis. Notice of Committee meetings will be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the Township not less than five (5) days before the date of the meeting. All Committee meetings will be held at the Upper Saucon Township Municipal Building. Please call 610-282-1171, ext. 3 for the most up-to-date Committee meeting information.

Municipal Authority and Sewage Treatment Authority
The Upper Saucon Township Municipal Authority owns the sewer collection system and the Upper Saucon Sewage Treatment Authority owns the sewer treatment plant. While the Township has ultimate responsibility for managing and operating the sewer system, it has chosen to utilize the management expertise of the Board of Directors of the Authorities. The Authorities' board members are appointed by the Township's Board of Supervisors.

The following individuals currently serve on both the Municipal Authority and the Sewage Treatment Authority:

  • Bruce D. Bush, Chairman (exp. 2017)
  • Mindy Moore, Vice Chairperson (exp. 2016)
  • Mark Sullivan, Treasurer (exp. 2018)
  • Joaquim (Jack) DeMatos, Secretary (exp. 2020)
  • Ronald J. Reybitz, Assistant Sec./Treasurer (exp. 2019)

Park & Recreation Commission
The Park & Recreation Commission is an advisory body that assists the Board of Supervisors in planning, organizing, and administering the Township's recreation programs and activities. Members of the Park & Recreation Commission are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

The following individuals currently serve on the Park & Recreation Commission:

  • Craig Roth, Chairman (exp. 2018)
  • John G. Inglis, III, Vice Chairman (exp. 2017)
  • Steve Steirer (exp. 2018)
  • Christopher Jordan (exp. 2019)
  • Jamie Gottschall (exp. 2017)
  • Joseph Stephens (exp. 2016)
  • John Kukitz (exp. 2017)

Official Comprehensive Recreation & Open Space Plan
Click here to download the plan (PDF Format, Free Adobe Reader required)

Zoning Hearing Board
Any Township which has enacted a Zoning Ordinance must appoint a Zoning Hearing Board. The purpose of the Zoning Hearing Board is to hear appeals on the validity of the Zoning Ordinance or map or any decision of the Zoning Officer. In addition, the Board has the power to grant variances and special exceptions to the Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Hearing Board has three regular members and three alternate members, all of whom are appointed by the Board of Supervisors for three-year terms.

The following individuals currently serve on the Zoning Hearing Board:

  • Michael DePaolis, Chairman (exp. 2016)
  • James Rouland, Vice Chairman (exp. 2018)
  • Dennis J. Aranyos, Member (exp. 2017)
  • Chip Gallagher, Alternate (exp. 2016)
  • Terrence Grube, Alternate (exp. 2016)
  • Peter Staffeld, Alternate (exp. 2016)

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission has seven members who are appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The Planning Commission advises the Board of Supervisors on matters related to planning and development. This includes making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding the approval of subdivision and land development plans within the Township, and amendments to the Township Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.

The following individuals currently serve on the Planning Commission:

  • Samantha Ciotti Falcone, Chairperson (exp. 2018)
  • Gerry Anthony, Vice Chairman (exp. 2016)
  • Bryan Macfarlane (exp. 2016)
  • Alfred Cancellieri (exp. 2017)
  • Tony Roman (exp. 2017)
  • Roderick Chirumbolo (exp. 2016)
  • George E. Bloeser, Jr. (exp. 2018)

Environmental Advisory Council
The Council shall advise the Board of Supervisors and any other duly established boards, commissions and committees of the Township on matters dealing with protection, conservation, management, promotion, and use of open space, recreation, historic, and natural resources located within Upper Saucon Township. The Councils’ board members are appointed by the Township's Board of Supervisors.

If you are interested in preserving your property, please fill out an application.

The following individuals currently serve on the Environmental Advisory Council:

  • Thomas L. Gettings, Chairman (exp. 2018)
  • Doris A. Clegg, Vice Chairwoman (exp. 2017)
  • Geraldine Davies (exp. 2018)
  • Robert Uhl, Jr. (exp. 2017)
  • Antonio Roman (Planning Commission Rep. to EAC) (exp. 2016)

Building Code Appeals Board
The Board hears appeals from the decisions of the Code Administrator and Zoning Officer. The Board’s members are appointed by the Township's Board of Supervisors.

The following individuals currently serve on the Building Code Appeals Board:

  • Robert Bosak (exp. 2016)
  • David Howard (exp. 2016)
  • Stewart Gouck (exp. 2016)

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